A Closer Look At Corporate Shoe Programs

For company and franchise owners, HR directors, risk managers, and safety executives, the costs associated with slip and fall accidents can be alarming.

And those costs are considerable – from hefty workers’ comp claims, to increased insurance premiums; from lost work days, to additional administrative and managerial time; decreased productivity, to poor employee morale.

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So, what’s a solution to help mitigate these losses? Implementing a slip resistant shoe program is a good place to start. Cost-effective and (with the right company) simple, a corporate shoe program can go a long way toward saving your business some serious cash. And a slip resistant shoe program with a vendor like SR Max can ensure your peace of mind. Because when you put your employees in SR Max shoes, you’re reducing workplace accidents, reducing workers’ compensation costs, reducing insurance premiums, and increasing productivity. All of this means an increased profit margin for your business.

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